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Most kombucha companies work hard to limit the alcohol production during the process of fermentation. We asked ourselves ‘’why not take advantage of kombucha’s festive potential”?

Since then, we've created a recipe that balances well-being with festivities.

Kombucha's festive potential

Nutrition Facts ART Kombucha
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Our product

Kombucha is a refreshing beverage, which results from the fermentation of tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. 


Yeast and bacteria each have an important role in the making of Art Kombucha. The sour taste of our beverage comes from the bacteria culture and the alcohol it contains is entirely produced by the culture of yeast. To this kombucha culture we add herbal teas, spices and freshly squeezed juice to offer original flavors! 


What's unique about Art Kombucha is that while sugar is completely transformed into alcohol, tea naturally contains antioxidants. This is why we believe that our beverage provides the perfect balance between well-being and festivities! 

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Our flavors

Hard Kombucha Hibisus & Passion
Hard Kombucha Ginger

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