What type of alcohol are you adding?

The alcohol is entirely produced by the wild yeasts of our kombucha culture, during the fermentation process. There is no added alcohol in our ''beer-boocha'' recipe!

How come the product has calories even though there is no sugar?

Did you know that the molecules of alcohol give calories to our body? that's why our cans contain 130 calories, which is less than most beers, ciders and cocktails that often contain residual or added sugars.


Our kombucha is fermented with malted millet, a gluten-free malt!

Does your products have a lot of sulfites?

In order to keep the good taste of our kombucha after the canning process, we add a small quantity of sulfites. Nevertheless, the quantity remains low. There is no more of it than in a natural wine (below 30 ppm)

Can the amount of theine/caffeine affect my sleep?

Did you know that theine and caffeine are the same molecule? The tolerance to caffeine varies from one person to another. Our kombucha contains 4 times less caffeine than tea and 16 times less caffeine than coffee. A can of 473 ml is equivalent to about half a cup of tea. Therefore, you can be rassured that ART Kombucha will provide you with just the right dose of caffeine to kick-start your night out if needed, but it won't disturb your sleep.