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Do you already know kombucha, this product produced by the fermentation of a symbiosis of yeast and bacteria? Well, the fermentation of our kombucha begins in the same way, but does not know the same outcome!

The process remains largely the same: brewing with green tea and introducing a "mother" strain of kombucha to start fermentation. However, compared to a regular kombucha, more sugar (including millet sugar, a gluten-free cereal) is added before fermentation, and fermentation lasts longer. At the end of the process, all the sugar is transformed into alcohol (up to 5%). Since the product is fermented from a strain of kombucha, it contains the same healthy organic molecules such as acetic, lactic and gluconic acids, as well as the antioxidants in green tea and black tea.

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Our kombucha inside the can

Fermentation of our kombucha

Vegan ?

It may seem simple to say that there is no element of animal origin in the manufacture of our hard kombucha, but you should know that this is not always the case with a beverage. Lysozyme (enzyme extracted from egg white) is for example used in the making of certain wines to stabilize them. In addition, the manufacturing process can be non-vegan if the filter used to filter the product contains elements of animal origin (fish glue or fishbone).

Rest assured, none of this is used to brew or filter our kombucha!

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