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In 2018, in Montreal, we started experimenting with alcoholic kombucha at home. Our kitchen became a real laboratory. There was a lot of glass bottles, a homemade fermenter and a second fridge arrived. We were very enthusiastic with our first tests: the product was easy to drink (light), tasty, and we did not feel heavy after drinking a few glasses.

In 2019, after more than a year of experimentation, we decided to move forward and start brewing our product in a commercial brewery, under the name ART Kombucha.

After taking up the challenge of launching a new product, it was time  to commercialize it. While some companies in Canada are mixing alcohol (vodka, cider, or others) with kombucha, we wanted to keep the authenticity of our recipe by offering an alcoholised kombucha made from the wild yeast from our kombucha culture. It took us several months of R&D on the production process, but we succeeded at stabilising the product and avoided the instability problems that we had with our first round of production.

After extensive R&D, we are now proud to offer, the first Canadian alcoholised kombucha by its yeasts, sugar-free and stable at room temperature.

All there's left to do is to try it!


ART Kombucha production
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